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What happens if mentos is thrown into a cola? What if you put the egg in the vinegar? Video!

maxresdefaultYou probably know that many modern sweets, for example, sweets and soda, enter into interesting reactions if they are mixed. However, if you have already graduated from school, you will probably no longer be able to engage in similar experiments, more like childish pranks.
But if you are still wondering what will happen if you throw the mentos in a cola or drop the egg in vinegar - we'll tell you. And not only will we tell, but we'll show! Look and be surprised.

№1. Mentos and cola

A very popular experiment, which is very simple to organize. In this case, it turns out quite spectacular. The main thing is not to do this at home!
In an ordinary bottle of Pepsi or Coke you need to throw a few pills of mentos. Then it is better to move. What will happen? Watch the video!
And try not to drink mentos with cola, if you want to feel good about yourself.

№2. Egg and Vinegar

For this experiment, you will need a glass of vinegar, a chicken or quail egg, and about a week of time. Egg should be left in a glass - and that's it!
What will happen to him? Watch the video!
The effect of a rubber ball is achieved by softening the shell under the action of vinegar. However, remember that this is not a ball, but an egg, which at one moment, like any ordinary egg, can just break!

These were two interesting experiments on mixing simple products available at any store. Well, how's the result? Share this article with your friends, even if they learn something new about the world that surrounds us.


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