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What you need to create and promote a channel on you tube?

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Ask Spilbreg.
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Normal fresh idea needed. It is better that the videos were useful and interesting. Beauty bloggers, for example, very much, high competition. Come up with your blog idea - you need to be �rich� - so that you can shoot a lot of videos on selected topics. For promotion you need to present yourself attractively, also try to make high-quality and beautiful from the first commercials so that people like it right away. It is also useful to make mutual advertising - in your videos you refer to a channel of a blogger, recommend his videos for viewing, he does the same in response. You can also share with a blogger a video on a common topic. One shoots the first part of the video from himself (expresses his opinion), then he refers to another blogger (the link is placed under the video), which continues the topic on his own behalf (he also refers to the first blogger).

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