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When old age comes

Others are representatives of the older generation, people who share too little happiness and satisfaction with themselves and life. They consider themselves to be old at thirty-five years old and are confident that they should not resist the steady extinction of all body functions. It is much more important to live this life in momentary pleasures like a pack of cookies or a liter of beer every evening. The euphoria of physical exertion is unknown to them. Not so long ago, I tried to convince a middle-aged patient that her physical activity was vital. She agreed. But when it turned out that it would take ten minutes to get up to walk two blocks on a daily basis, she was deeply indignant. I was never able to tell her that ten minutes to improve the quality of life is a very small price.

When does old age begin? Is it true that the thing is, for how many years we feel, and the body just follows a psychological attitude?

Where is old age hiding in the body?

There are many theories of old age.Scientists have not yet been able to convincingly prove any of them.

Anyway, aging occurs at the level of chromosomes and genes. It is the DNA strands that are the same cuckoo that knows exactly how much a man in the genus live is written. The focus of genetics - the end sections of chromosomes, called telomeres. Long telomeres are a sign of a young cell. With each of its division, telomeres are increasingly shortened. Until, finally, the cell does not reach the complete inability to reproduce itself. This triggers drastic changes in metabolism, which can be considered the beginning of aging at the cellular level, a countdown point.

Although not everything comes down to this simple scheme. In embryos, telomeres increase themselves, which means their cells become immortal for some time. Stem cells, which are well known to everyone by the “yellow” headlines in the press (“Alla Pugacheva grew her new lungs, rejuvenated for 50 years and at the same time created three children and a young lover from stem cells!”) Also have almost unlimited ability to divide. Alas, cancer cells also have a super ability to grow their telomeres, and therefore remain in 80% of cases "forever young."

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However, if we are talking about ordinary cells of the body, which make up the skin, bones, muscles and everything else (except for the sex cells, they also know how to grow telomeres), normally their ability to divide is limited. And this is good, because the growth of tissues in geometric progression would not lead to anything comforting: we would simply turn every year into immense bags of skin, oddly filled with huge, deformed internal organs. Telomeres are rapidly decreasing as the body grows. Then this process is suspended to resume after 60 years, when the period of gradual fading of all functions comes. Does this mean that everything is predetermined, and therefore trying to push the onset of old age is meaningless? Of course no.

Because, in addition to heredity - the kaleidoscope of genes that we got from parents, there is the influence of the external environment. Studies on people with not the most healthy lifestyle, who suffered from overweight, high blood pressure and had an unhealthy love of sweets due to impaired carbohydrate metabolism, showed optimistic results

The group of patients who began to regularly exercise themselves, and also revised their diet in favor of reducing animal fats and sugars in favor of more fiber, showed not only weight loss and improvement in carbohydrate metabolism during 4 years, during which time observation, but also an increase in the length of telomeres in chromosomes. Other studies have shown an increase in the activity of the enzyme telomerase (the same one that causes telomere growth) against the background of regular aerobic exercise, reduction of caloric intake (provided that it was unreasonably high) and reduction of initially increased body weight.

And this means that we can influence the work of the “internal clock”, which inexorably counts time until the onset of old age.

How to avoid "old senility"

Old age of mind is manifested in the form of slowing down thinking. A person needs more time to extract the necessary information from the depths of the memory, and therefore the pause before making any decision with age can become more and more. Another typical symptom is the loss of the ability to do several things at the same time: the “operating system” of the brain supposedly becomes single-tasking.And it often irritates those who are accustomed to the "multi-channel" of the mind.

The solution to the problem is to maximize the use of the brain. To do this, you need to combine intellectual and physical labor. This helps the formation of new connections between nerve cells and even, under certain conditions, stimulates the formation of new ones!

It is very important to detect "age-related" diseases in time. These are arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes and other ailments. Controlling blood pressure, sugar and “bad” lipids, as well as its clotting functions, helps maintain normal blood circulation in the brain and preserve its youth.

How to stay strong

After 30 years, a decrease in muscle mass and its replacement with adipose tissue begins, if there is no regular exercise. Motor activity helps maintain normal blood pressure, has a good effect on carbohydrate metabolism, and even hormones. Therefore, physical activity, selected in accordance with the preferences and abilities of a person, will help not only look, but also feel younger.

But low-calorie diets should not get carried away.Modern studies show that an increase in body weight, a set of adipose tissue after 50 years is not necessarily the result of laziness, inactivity and general licentiousness. Gaining a few kilograms with age is normal: according to research, fatty tissue protects against early death. Therefore, a well-fed person may well be athletic and even healthy. Of course, we are not talking about morbid obesity, when an excess of adipose tissue prevents movement, breathing and causes serious changes in metabolism.

How to be happy

Old age is inevitable. Paradoxically, understanding this fact will make you happier.

Once I caught sight of the catalog of a well-known Swedish company, a recognized professional in creating cozy, "family" interiors. On the cover was a photograph of an elderly woman, in focus - her wrinkled hands. The contrast was emphasized by a snow-white cup, which the old lady held, immersed in some pleasant thoughts. Scandinavians - well-known specialists in happiness and life satisfaction - publish a photograph of old age! Yes, such that you immediately understand: in 80 years, you can also be one hundred percent satisfied with life and enjoy the little things,stay sane and still enjoy the possibilities of your body: dance, walk, carry grandchildren, travel, play sports.

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You should not imagine yourself as the almighty masters of health or even immortal - to anything other than neurosis, this will not lead. However, the opposite belief that old age begins approximately when you stop growing is also erroneous. The balance, as always, is somewhere in the middle. Understanding this will help you to remain happy at any age, calmly accept your shortcomings and live in a fragile and imperfect body with pleasure, regardless of the number in your passport.


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