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When to plant peonies?

March 30, 2015
When to plant peonies?

Peonies are beautiful flowers that will decorate any garden with their bright and spectacular buds. The advantage of this plant is also in the fact that it is perennial and does not require such close attention to itself, as, for example, a rose. In addition, the flowering of peonies continues for a whole month, and indeed the bushes of this plant are quite beautiful. However, despite the simplicity of caring for this crop, many gardeners may have some questions about growing it. And one of the questions is: when to plant peonies? Let's try to answer it.

Pion landing time

There are two options for planting this plant: the first and most preferred for the middle band - from the second half of August to mid-September, and the second - in the spring (April-May). The difficulty lies in the fact that in our stores saplings of peonies come from abroad, mainly in the spring. Therefore, we consider both options for planting this flower.

Landing in August-September

So, if you have the opportunity to plant peonies at this time, be sure to use it.In August, the growth of the terrestrial part of the plant stops, it goes into a state of rest. You can safely dig and divide adult plants. Peony roots will begin to develop in the fall, and buds will grow in the spring under a layer of snow. Next summer your peonies will bloom.

If you had to plant a peony later - be sure to cover it from frost.

Landing in April-May

If you did not have the opportunity to plant this plant in the fall, do not despair - this can be done in the spring. And the sooner you do this, the better. Of course, it is not necessary to plant it under the snow. The most favorable option is to plant the purchased rhizome of a peony in a pot and put it in a dark, cool room until sprouts appear. As soon as this happens, it is necessary to provide the plant with good lighting, sufficient watering - in general, take care of it, like a houseplant, until it becomes possible to transplant it into the garden.

Remember that for a successful planting in the garden it is very important to choose the right place: in no case should it be too wet. Peonies, though they are viable plants that tolerate frost and drought, but their roots may rot from abundant moisture.In addition, this place should not be in the shade - peonies are very fond of sunlight.


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