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When to replant raspberries?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
February 7, 2013
When to replant raspberries?

Any experienced grower who grows raspberries knows that after four to five years of growth, a raspberry bush begins to bear fruit rather poorly, not to mention older plants. The only way out in this situation is to transplant bushes. And when to replace the raspberries?

The best time for transplanting bushes

It is believed that it is possible to replant raspberry bushes at almost any time of the year, in addition to winter. However, the best time for transplanting is the end of the summer, after collecting the main crops. If all the transplant technology is correctly implemented, then raspberry, which is a rather cold-resistant culture, will begin to take root already at the first frost. Especially important to pay attention to the roots. If the root system is rather weak, then it is better to transplant the plants somewhere in the middle of summer, so that your raspberries not froze with the first autumn cold.

In addition, if your raspberry bushes have a well-developed root system, then transplantation is possible in the spring.Incidentally, in some regions, transplantation is possible until mid-October. Therefore, before you start transplanting, carefully analyze the weather forecast for the coming months and always rely on your climatic conditions.

Remember that transplanting a whole shrub is not needed, because you only need to update your plants, and not create stressful conditions for the roots.

So now you know when to replant raspberries. Have a good harvest!


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