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Where are the hips?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
March 24, 2015
Where are the hips?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the hips for the normal functioning of the human body. Their damage carries with it a number of diseases and their possible consequences. However, not every person correctly understands where the hips are and what they are. We will tell you about it in our article.

Where are the hips

The hips are the proximal parts of the lower limb of humans, that is, the legs. They are located between the knee and the pelvis. In animals, insects and birds, thighs are a fragment of the hind limbs.

Where are the hipsThe human thigh from above in front is limited by the inguinal ligament, from above from behind by the gluteal fold, and below by a line that can be drawn about 4-6 centimeters above the patella.

At the base of the femur is the largest tubular bone - the femur bone. The movements of this bone are carried out with the help of several groups of muscles of the thigh, namely: the quadriceps, tailor, comb, thin, biceps, semitendinus, semi-membranous and adductor muscles.They surround the thigh from all sides and allow the hips to bend, unbend, rotate, and carry out other movements.

The skin of the inner thigh is mobile and thin, and the outer is dense.


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