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Where can I go on a weekend from Kiev?

Kiev is a beautiful city! But if you have lived all your life in it, then you’ve probably already managed to study it up and down. And on weekends, I want to get new emotions and see new places. Where to go, without going far? We offer you some interesting and noteworthy places:

Where to go?

So, where to go on a weekend from Kiev? We offer several interesting places:

1.Go on an excursion toPoltava pyramids. One of them is located in the Pyryatyn district of the Poltava region, the other is in the Kobelyatsky district. Of course, these pyramids are not as ancient and large as the Egyptian, and still deserve attention. One of them was built by Ignatius Zakrevsky.

He was sent to Egypt as an ambassador and, having arrived, decided to make a tomb near the church in the shape of a pyramid. Materials were brought from Africa, and the building was erected in due form. But then they wanted to plunder and destroy the pyramid. Owners thrown out, but the structure remains intact.

The pyramids

The second pyramid was built by Alexander Balevich, she was also a tomb and was built for a long 13 years. It is better to go to these places by sightseeing buses. The cost of the tour can vary from 100 to 200 hryvnia, and the journey will take about 12 hours.

2. Dendropark "Trostyanets". This unique place is located 190 kilometers from Kiev in Ichnyansky district. Here you can see as many plants as you will not see anywhere. On the vast territory there are a variety of exotic species that amaze with their amazing views. The entrance to the park is inexpensive, about 3-5 hryvnia.

The Trostyanets arboretum

3. Yasnogorodskaya ostrich farm. If you have never seen ostriches, then by all means correct it. Go to the Makarov district of the village Yasnogorodka, located near the capital of Ukraine (just 50 kilometers away). You can see two-meter amazing birds, as well as literally just hatched chicks from eggs.

Yasnogorodskaya ostrich farm

You will be told about the characteristics of nutrition, life and reproduction of ostriches. You can touch these birds, and for a fee, even ride on them. In addition, ostriches can be fed. Be sure to take a photo as a souvenir to capture such bright moments. And be sure to try scrambled eggs from ostrich eggs, as well as dishes from ostrich meat in a local restaurant. Such a trip will cost you 15-30 hryvnia without travel and 50-100 hryvnia with a fare.

4. Dendropark "Alexandria". This is a true natural and cultural monument. This place is located in the city of Belaya Tserkov. The park was built at the end of the XVIII century. At the entrance, the alleys branch out, so there will be a choice before you. The total length of all the alleys of the park is about 20 kilometers, so tune in advance for a long walk.

Dendropark "Alexandria"

The center of the park is Bolshaya Polyana, which covers an area of ​​10 hectares and is a flat area with a slope to the river Ros. Here you can see a variety of herbaceous plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. The total area of ​​this place is slightly more than 200 hectares. To get from Kiev you will be about 1.5-2 hours, and the entrance is cheap, namely 2-6 hryvnia.

5.Be sure to visitReserve "Kochanovka", here it is very beautiful and interesting! This is a real center of landscape gardening in Ukraine. In addition, this place is the only preserved palace and park complex. Once there came famous musicians, poets, writers and many others.


They enjoyed the beauty and grandeur of this place. We visited the reserve Glinka, Vrubel and many others.You can get here by public transport, and for the entrance you will need to pay about 4-6 hryvnia. The tour will cost 4-10 hryvnia.

6.Want to plunge into the past and learn the history of your people? Then go toPark "Kievan Rus". In this place you can enjoy the atmosphere that reigned in your native land many centuries ago. All objects were recreated on the basis of historical records, chronicles and archaeological excavations.

Park "Kievan Rus"

Here you can see the Palace of Vladimir, Gridnitsa, the Palace of Princess Olga, the Church of the Tithes, the Great Yaroslavl Court, the Rotunda, the Yanchin Monastery, the Mikhailovsky, Podolsk and Sofia gates, various boyars' estates and shopping streets. Also here you can observe almost real inhabitants who lived on this land many years ago. It is imperative to go here with the whole family!

7.Want to escape from the bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility? Then you need the whole family to go toethno-complex "Ukrainian village"which is located just 15 kilometers from Kiev in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district.

Ethno-complex "Ukrainian village"

Here you can see old Ukrainian homes and even look into them.Children will especially enjoy the mini-zoo located on the territory. If you get hungry, go to a local cafe and enjoy a variety of dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine. On the territory there are barbecues, benches and playgrounds. Coming here, you will learn what a great family vacation.

8.Want to see something unusual? Then go to a small, but very beautiful town of Kanev, which is located a few hours drive from Kiev. Here the mass of sights: museums, reserves, historical, natural and architectural monuments.

Kanevsky reserve

You can enjoy nature inKanevsky Reserve. And it is also worth seeing the Tarasov Hill and the Assumption Cathedral. In addition, here you can see the largest monument to which lead as much as 342 steps!

9.It will amaze and surprise youThe city of Uman. It is beautiful in itself, so you can just walk through it. But be sure to visit the park "Sofiyivka", which was built by Count Potocki back in 1796 for his beautiful wife Sofia (hence the name).

Park "Sofiyivka"

There is also a chic English park in the city, in which amazing plants from all over the world are collected.In this place you will also see beautiful fountains, sculptures of gods and goddesses from ancient ancient times and artificial grottoes. And in the heart of the park there is an artificial, but no less beautiful river. You can sit on its shore and just enjoy the gorgeous scenery that will appear before you.

Interesting and exciting weekend for you and your family! Relax and share your impressions.

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