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Where does Beckham play?

Elina Huzina
Elina Huzina
February 15, 2013
Where does Beckham play?

English midfielder D. Beckham, at the end of 2012 left the “Los Angeles Galaxy”. The thirty-seven-year-old footballer spent more than five years in California. He said that he wants to take only one more challenge, before he ends his career as a football player. Fans of a football player have been languishing for a very long time in ignorance, where Beckham plays in 2013.

This year, January 31, Beckham signed a five-month contract with Paris Saint-Germain (French club representing Paris). David will transfer the entire salary to a local children's charity. It is very nice to know that a great football player is also a good person. And maybe it’s not so important in which team Beckham plays, if he gets satisfaction from the game and pleases his fans.

Little biography

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born in London on May 2, 1975. He is currently a midfielder in the French club Paris Saint-Germain. Throughout his career, David has played for Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Preston North End,as well as the Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckham played in England, where he holds the record for the number of matches played as a field player. Fame brought him great skills in the performance of standards and free kicks. He was recognized in 2011 as the highest paid footballer in the world.

For a great husband, look for a great woman.

Beckham married vocalist for the Spice Girls group Victoria Adams in July 1999. They say that she was able to hit him by not asking for an autograph. And he told her that he began to wash the dishes after the first meal with the parents of his future wife. Together they gave birth to three sons: Romeo James, Brooklyn Joseph, Cruz David and also daughter Harper Seven. David Beckham currently lives in Beverly Hills with his family.


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