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Where is Gelendzhik?

Anton Ozhiganov
Anton Ozhiganov
February 18, 2013
Where is Gelendzhik?

If this is the first correspondence with the city, it is necessary to find Gelendzhik on the map. For a landmark you can take Novorossiysk. 25 km away is Gelendzhik. The map will explain a lot: the Black Sea coast of Russia, Golden Bay, subtropics - an ideal place to relax.

Arriving or arriving in Krasnodar, it is enough to ask the locals where Gelendzhik is located. The answer will be immediately, with the specification of how to get to the resort. And this is almost 180 km. on the highway, on both sides surrounded by mountains. Along the side of the road there is a growing fig, shadberry, wild fruit. It is necessary to stop and go out for a minute, from the air filled with vegetable aroma and the sea, your head will spin. Then, at home, in a large and dusty city, the first breath in Gelendzhik will be remembered more than once.

Gelendzhik called the "city-holiday." The first stone in this name was laid by nature itself, generous with its gifts, with a mild climate, magnificent beaches. The city has an interesting past. The legends of Gelendzhik make us think about the eternal dispute between good and evil. There are many historical places to which the folk trail really does not grow.Only in Gelendzhik in Golden Bay, you can see a unique aviation equipment: the International Hydro-Aviation Salon takes place here every two years.


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