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Where is Lviv?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
March 29, 2015
Where is Lviv?

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Lviv is a small city located in Ukraine. It is a national cultural and scientific center, industry and transport are developed here. Let us consider in more detail where is Lviv and what are its features.

Geographical location of the city

Lviv is located in the central part of the Lviv region, it is considered the capital of Western Ukraine. It borders with Zholkovsky and Pustomiti districts. The area of ​​the city is more than 180 square kilometers.

From Kiev, Lviv is separated approximately 600 kilometers. To the border with Poland about 70 kilometers.

Features of the city

In Lviv, there are not only Ukrainians, Russians, but also Poles, Jews, Armenians and many representatives of other nationalities.

The city is a real cultural center. Here you can find many botanical gardens, parks, museums and a philharmonic. In the architectural appearance of Lviv, the influence of Renaissance, Classicism and Baroque is guessed. The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As we have said, the city has an economy.In particular, the production of lighting lamps, forklifts, buses. There are several food processing plants in Lviv, including a brewery.
The company also produces jewelery, vodka, cocoa, chocolate, bakery and other confectionery products.


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