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Where is Novokuznetsk?

Evgenia Perebasova
Evgenia Perebasova
April 2, 2015
Where is Novokuznetsk?

On the map


Novokuznetsk is the largest and oldest city of the Kemerovo region, but not everyone can easily find it on the map.

In this article we will tell where Novokuznetsk is located, and also we will talk in more detail about this city.

Geographical position

Novokuznetsk is located in the southern part of Western Siberia, between the mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau and Mountain Shoria, as well as the Salair ridge. This area is also called Kuznetsk coal basin (Kuzbass). The city stretches along both banks of the Tom River. Areas located on different shores communicate with each other through several bridges.

Novokuznetsk coordinates:

  • 53 ° 45 'north latitude;
  • 87 ° 07 'east longitude.

The easiest way to find Novokuznetsk on the map, focusing on the external borders of Russia. At the same time, it is necessary to “climb” along the map to the north from a small segment of the border between Russia and China, which is located between Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Distance from Novokuznetsk to other cities:

  • Moscow - 3740 km;
  • Omsk - 1023 km;
  • Krasnoyarsk - 743 km;
  • Novosibirsk - 399 km;
  • Kemerovo - 218 km;
  • Barnaul - 354 km;
  • Biysk - 257 km.

General information about the city

Novokuznetsk is the center of Novokuznetsk (or Kuzbass) agglomeration, which ranks 12th in size in Russia. It is an important cultural and economic center of Siberia. In colloquial speech Novokuznetsk is often called the “Forge”.

The location of Novokuznetsk district (the center of which is Novokuznetsk) in the southern part of Kuzbass determined the specialization of the city in industry - the leading sector of the city's economy.

Novokuznetsk is one of the largest coal-mining and metallurgical centers of the Russian Federation. However, it was the developed mining and metallurgical industries that led to an unfavorable environmental situation in the city.


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