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Where is sweden

February 22, 2013
Where is sweden

The state of Sweden on the world map is located in the northern part of the European continent, on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden stretched from north to south for a little more than 1,500 km, and from east to west it has about 500 km of territorial land. And a small part of the state is located above the Arctic Circle.

The western neighbor of the Kingdom with a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system is Norway, with which Sweden has a land border of more than 1600 km. The state’s eastern neighbor is Finland, which shares a little over 600 km of border with Sweden. Sweden has water borders with the Baltic countries, as it is washed by the Baltic Sea from the south-east, in the waters of which there are many small and two largest inhabited islands of Sweden - Eland and Gotland. And the southern neighbor of the state is Denmark. The capital of Sweden is the city of Stockholm, which is geographically almost in the center of the country.

The climatic conditions of the northern latitudes, where Sweden is geographically, are significantly milder than the climate of the main part of Russia.In winter, the average air temperature in the south of the state fluctuates around 0 degrees Celsius, and in the territory located beyond the Arctic Circle, no more than minus 20. True, in summer it is no warmer than 20 degrees Celsius. All this is due to the warm Gulf Stream flowing in the immediate vicinity of the Scandinavian Peninsula.


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