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Where can I find it interesting to meet the New 2018?

New Year's holiday should be memorable and bright. Much depends on the place in which such a celebration is held, therefore, its choice should be approached with special care. And where can you meet the New 2018?

Selecting a venue: important criteria

How to choose a suitable place to celebrate the New Year and interesting to hold such a holiday? To do this, consider a few important points:

  • Who are you going to celebrate New Year with? If with children, then first of all you need to think about them, and in this case noisy places with a large number of people will not fit, it is better to choose the quieter and most comfortable ones in which a tired child can rest or sleep. If you plan to spend time with a couple of your loved one, then try to choose an option that implies privacy and a romantic atmosphere. A family holiday requires comfort, so it is better to spend it in a home or at least familiar atmosphere. And for a large, noisy company, a spacious place is suitable in which everyone can fit and be able to have fun from the heart.
  • Wishes and preferences.Think about how exactly you want to spend the main winter holiday. If you are tired of the cold, and you want to change them to warm, gentle sun and warm sand, then go to the sea and enjoy a beach holiday. People leading an active lifestyle, will be able to appreciate the mountain resorts, providing the opportunity to ski and other winter sports. And, perhaps, you dream to be in a fairy tale, to touch the New Year's magic and get to the homeland of Santa Claus. It is quite possible to understand those who want to remember their childhood and play snowballs or ride on a sled, because when will there be such a chance, if not in the New Year!
  • Budget. Determine in advance how much you are willing to spend on celebrating the New Year. If it is small and limited, you will have to save and refuse long-distance and expensive trips. If the amount of money is not limited, or you have managed to accumulate a decent amount, then once a year you can afford to fulfill wishes and decide on adventures.
  • The program of celebration. If you have planned something special or made an action plan, then this should be taken into account, since some actions are not feasible everywhere.


Where to celebrate the New Year? If you are a true patriot, love your hometown, for some reason you can not leave it or are limited in cash, then you should not despair: surely there will be a lot of interesting things. In addition, this option in addition to saving has other advantages: the familiar and familiar atmosphere, the ability to contact and meet with loved ones, as well as the absence of the need to collect things and travel long distances.

Options for meeting the New Year in his hometown:

  • At home. If you consider that the New Year holiday is considered a family holiday, it will be quite logical to meet him in the circle of relatives in a familiar atmosphere.
  • At a party. If you are invited to visit, do not hurry to refuse, because you will probably spend time pleasantly and relatively comfortably. And you do not have to cook and clean.
  • Restaurant or cafe. In many similar places, New Year's Eve hosts parties with dances, contests and festive menus.
  • Night club. This option is more suitable for young people, but middle-aged people can also remember youth and again feel young and carefree.
  • If you do not want to sit at home, and you have no other options, you can just go outside, call your neighbors, take champagne and snacks with you and have a feast in the fresh, frosty air. So you can meet the New Year cheap, but quite fun and interesting.
  • Various mass events are held in different cities every year, and for sure, 2018 will not be an exception. To go to a lively and fun place, study the program in advance: there is a high probability that some kind of celebrations will take place on New Year's Eve.

Tip: if the city bustle for the year you are pretty tired, then you can go out of town by renting a house in the nearest village or village or a large country cottage.

European New Year

Believing that “you will celebrate the New Year as you will spend it”, many decide to enjoy holidays and vacations in a European way. On the one hand, this is an excellent solution, because in many countries in winter it is very beautiful and not as cold as in Russia itself.

In addition, you absolutely get a lot of pleasant emotions and unforgettable impressions. But there are some disadvantages. First, in Europe during the New Year holidays there are a lot of tourists, and under the influence of alcohol, not all behave with restraint and decently.Secondly, this option will require costs, and significant ones: hotel rooms and hotels, food, and even travel in public transport on holidays are much more expensive than at any other time.

If you have firmly decided to start the year in Europe, then pay attention to such countries as colorful Italy, passionate Spain, romantic France, amazing and mysterious Finland, bright Austria, covered with fogs Great Britain. If you want to visit the neighboring countries and hear words that are so similar to their relatives, then go to Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia. By the way, in some countries various leisure options are available, including medical, ski and sea resorts.

Tip: to avoid fuss and congestion of tourists, you can go not to the capital or a large resort region, but to a small town. In such places, sometimes much more interesting!

Warm islands and countries

The harsh climate and winter cold are very exhausting and can lead to depression. If you are one of those who do not tolerate frost and love warmth, then an excellent option will be a trip to the warm regions. Enjoy the gentle rays of the sun and swimming in the sea in winter can be in the Dominican Republic, Vietnam,Cyprus, Madeira, some Thai islands, Tenerife, Israel, Goa, Morocco, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, as well as the already familiar for many Egypt.

Tip: before you go on a trip, remember that in some warm countries in the winter is in full swing the rainy season, which can badly spoil the rest.

Mother country

It is not necessary to fly thousands of kilometers, because in your immense country there are probably plenty of interesting places that you didn’t have time or have long dreamed of visiting.

In Russia, you can go to the homeland of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug, the cultural capital of the state of St. Petersburg, to the most important and central city of Moscow, multifaceted and flamboyant with the Olympic facilities of Sochi, to the renowned stunning nature and unique energy Altai, to the renovated Crimea, to the amazing Baikal, in Karelia, especially luxurious in winter, in the stunning capital of Tatarstan, Kazan.

In addition to these, there are many other cities in which it will be interesting to visit the New Year holidays.

A lot of beautiful places in Ukraine: beautiful Lviv, the majestic Carpathians, Dragobrat, Sofiyivka, Kamyanets-Podilsky,Chernivtsi, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev.

Let the New Year 2018 be remembered no matter where you will meet it!

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