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Where to buy rings for a well?

Now I am engaged in a personal plot. I wanted to make a well for irrigation, but neighbors say that there will be little water in the well. If we do, then a full-fledged well. Therefore, the question is where to buy concrete rings? Something I will not find them anywhere.
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Answered on July 19 10:33
It’s not easy to build a well yourself. But if there are helpers, then everything is possible. You have already decided how to do it? The main thing is to choose the right place for the well. Do your neighbors have good water? can you drink?
Vlad Nosov
Vlad Nosov
Answered on July 19 10:38
Yes, the place for the well must be chosen carefully so that there is no sewage near the drain, otherwise it will be impossible to drink water. With reinforced concrete rings it turns out a good full-fledged well. To make it, of course, is not easy, but then it will serve you regularly for many years. Rings for a well can be bought without problems, right here, for example,.
Answered on July 19 10:42
I once studied the structure of wells, also wanted to build a well.But when I understood the amount of work, I decided to make a well. Basically, a well with a head is enough. There is a lot of water.

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