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Where to leave things for storage?

Soon my family and I will go to Norway for 2 years, we will rent an apartment. There are already tenants with whom we will draw up a contract, but we will take everything out of the apartment, except for kitchen furniture. I don’t consider everything in the garage to be a normal option, in the first place, much of the equipment can deteriorate, since the garage is not heated, and the furniture too. I think maybe there are rooms in Moscow with storage facilities?
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Answered on November 26, 2017 00:38
I think it is better to find a custody warehouse. Explore this site - there is a choice. And in general, I think, if working with a company in such a direction will be much safer for you and your household items. I am sure that everything will be documented that will protect you in the future, consider this option.
Miroslava Vishnevskaya
Miroslava Vishnevskaya
Answered on November 26, 2017 00:43
You can leave with close relatives for safekeeping all. For me, this is a more reliable option, as there will be constant observation of things and nothing will be lost.But this is the case if they have a room for your things, but it should not be small.
Answered on November 26, 2017 00:48
Try to agree with the tenants that everything remains in their places, and add a clause in the rental agreement that things will remain in the same condition and good condition when you return. In this case, you will not need to look for a storage room.

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