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Where to order quality consulting for business abroad?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
October 5, 2017
Where to order quality consulting for business abroad?

If you are new to the business, but you have a great idea that you would like to implement, you will need experienced, reliable and competent support. An excellent assistant in this matter can be the company "YurHaus." The company provides all services for the creation and development of business in the Russian Federation and abroad from registration to the launch of the company on the international arena. Thanks to the work of professionals, your business will quickly “get back on its feet”, it will become stable and profitable.

What does the company offer?

  • Organization and support of business projects
  • Sale and purchase of companies and offshore companies in comfortable tax conditions
  • Registration and support of business transactions
  • Creating bank accounts
  • Registration of residence permit and second citizenship
  • Obtaining a financial license
  • Acquisition of real estate abroad
  • Legal and tax advice

Ready offshore from "Yurhaus"

You can choose the appropriate ready-made offshore, using the convenient directory. It lists the price, country and necessary documentation.

  • Offshore with a bank account or without it.
  • Offshore companies with nominee services (individuals and legal entities, partners, shareholders, directors).
  • Offshores with various forms of ownership: LP, LLP, LTD, etc.
  • European and Asian offshore from different countries, as well as from the United States and Caribbean countries.

You can acquire the necessary offshore in just one day: having signed the documents, the owner can immediately begin to conduct international payments in the new company. If you have not found a suitable company in the catalog, you can order registration from scratch - within 10 days the company will be prepared.

Why buy ready-made offshore profitable?

  • It is fast. For self-opening of a company abroad it will take several weeks and months to prepare with additional difficulties and expenses. The acquisition of offshore ready eliminates this - all the preparatory work for you have already completed other specialists.
  • Guarantee. When self-registration of your company or register, or not - it all depends on the fulfillment of the required conditions.A small mistake - and registration will not pass, while the money spent will not be returned. Turning to the professionals, you can be sure that you will get the desired result.
  • Help. When buying a ready-made offshore owner is guaranteed further assistance and support.
  • Less formalities. A ready-made company will not require compliance with a set of formalities after registration: there is a ready-made invoice, legal address, paid contributions, and maintenance.
  • Anonymity. Your data will get only to the seller, and the contract will protect their confidentiality.

To study more detailed information, as well as contact with employees of “YurHaus”, you can use the official website of the company. The company actively cooperates with regions of Russia and the whole world, therefore for each client there will be a suitable option.


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