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Where to hand over the old TV?

Alena Bondar
Alena Bondar
February 12, 2013
Where to hand over the old TV?

In connection with the constant appearance of more modern and improved technology, many people, buying a new TV, are wondering what to do with the old TV. To a greater extent, such a problem arises with domestic large-sized TVs that take up a lot of space. The option of dumping to a landfill is not the best, not only because of environmental pollution, but also because there are more successful and profitable ways of getting rid of old equipment. Some people, if possible, can take an unnecessary TV to the country, where it will distract from the heat and work.

In junk

Another place where you can hand over old TVs are special large-size garbage sites, which in turn pass them on to companies involved in the processing of such waste. There are also companies that accept old equipment, including televisions, for parts. But, firstly, such sites and firms are far from being in every city, and secondly, many people feel sorry for the old, but working, TV to be given for processing or analysis.

In good hands

Today there are more rational ways, telling how and where to turn in the old TV. The easiest option is to submit an offer to sell an old TV in different media or search for an advertisement of a private person to purchase In this case, you can earn a little money, but often have to wait long for buyers. The most simple, popular and convenient way to dispose of the old TV, the essence of which is to buy a new one at a discount due to the surrender of the old one. Such actions are popular today and are known in such trading networks as Eldorado and M-Video. The essence of the action is to replace a specific outdated model with an improved one with a surcharge. Thus, you get rid of unnecessary trash, and the store from a large number of sold equipment. The benefits for both sides are palpable.


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