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Where did the first movie show?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
November 4, 2014
Where did the first movie show?

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Where did the first movie show?

One of the most interesting questions for a real movie fan - where was the first demonstration of the movie?

The first film in the history of cinema is considered to be the “Arrival of a train at La Ciotat”, shown in 1895 on December 28 by the French Lumiere.

However, in fact, for the first time, the film was presented to the audience on March 22, 1895 in Paris. The Lumière Auguste and Louis brothers, who had earlier patented their invention, the Cinema, showed a picture to a narrow audience on a large screen that was less than a minute long. This film was called “Exit workers from the Lumiere factory” (sometimes the names “Exit workers from the Lumiere brothers factory”, “Exit from the factory” are found). The film was shot in Lyon in front of the entrance to the Lumiere brothers factory on March 19, 1895.


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