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Which diesel is better?

Buying a car, many drivers are wondering which engine to choose a diesel or gasoline? Finding out all the disadvantages and advantages, someone decides to diesel. And which diesel is better? What you should pay attention to?

The basis of the diesel engine

The basis of the diesel unit is the principle of ignition of the fuel, which, from contact with the heated compressed air, is supplied by injection. Reciprocating internal combustion engines have a different classification: two-stroke, four-stroke, with a divided combustion chamber and undivided. How to determine which diesel is better?

Variants of diesel engines

Variants of modern diesel engines are far off-budget as they are made according to the technology of the future. Manufacturers have disguised them under the labels CDI, TDI, HDI, SDI. What is the abbreviation DI, which is used in all systems? Let's see, it will help us to understand which diesel is better.

DI - in English Direct Injection, designates direct fuel injection into the combustion chamber, providing high efficiency.The principle of operation is quite simple: fuel is injected under high pressure into the common channel, which is connected to the injectors. At a given time and with the required pressure, a certain amount of fuel is supplied, first a tiny dose, then more. Thanks to this, the motor runs smoothly, softer and less noisy. And the Common Rail system does not allow to spend extra fuel. This determines the reliability and efficiency of the diesel engine, and this, in turn, makes it difficult and expensive.

Features of different types

Well, it's time to consider each type of engine individually, to decide which diesel is better. Let's start with TDI. This is a direct injection, turbocharged engine with intermediate cooling and an electronically controlled fuel pump. It is economical and unpretentious. 8-cylinder diesel units differ in comfort, power and economical fuel consumption. The disadvantage of this engine: a small turbine resource - 150 thousand.

  • SDI engine - aspirated, with direct fuel injection. Such naturally aspirated engines are a bit more economical. Savings can be traced in the repair, there is no expensive parts - the turbine, there is no and invested a lot of money in repairs.Although the power and dynamics inferior to turbine engines. And in terms of reliability, SDI holds the highest position in the rating among diesel engines.
  • The HDI nameplate hides technology for drivers who dislike short service intervals. With such a motor, it will be - 30 thousand km, and the belts do not need to be replaced at all during the entire service life of the car. The engine runs very quietly even at idle.
  • CDI is a capricious and problematic motor. So consider not only drivers, but also automotive experts. When replacing any parts of this engine requires a very professional service. Frequent breakdowns: airing of the fuel system, coking of the injection nozzles, increased wear of the camshaft drive and the piston / cylinder group. And because of poor access to the engine in the engine compartment, many stations refuse to serve cars with such motors.

And now, the preferences and tastes of friends - to the side! Knowing some features of diesel engines, make a wise choice.


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