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Who are dukery

Dukers are crested antelopes of the gentle subfamily belonging to the order of the artiodactyls. There are 19 types of duker, united in 2 genera. This species is common in sub-Saharan Africa.

The size of the animal does not seem large. The length of the body, depending on the type, varies from 55 to 110 cm, weight reaches 65 kg.

Color dukerov includes mainly red, gray and dark brown shades. The torso of this animal has an arpiform shape, the front legs are shorter than the hind ones. On the head there is a bunch of long hair. The horns of animals are short, not higher than 12 cm, they are often absent in females. Females are usually larger than males.

Dunkers are very shy and elusive small animals, preferring hard-to-reach places, such as where there are ponds and dense bushes. These animals skillfully make their way through dense thickets. Many of them are active nocturnal, and the day hiding.


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