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Who are the gopnik?

In our society there are a great many subcultures. Each of them has its own specific features, attributes, lifestyle, and manner of behavior. Today we will talk about Gopnik.

The term itself comes from the slang word "gop", which means "kick, jump." Russian language dictionaries say that Gopnik is a street robber, a bully.

Gopnik, they are gopi, gopot, gopori - the designation of some representatives of the youth. They are close to the criminal world, sometimes with features of criminal behavior. Most often, these people come from poor families. Have a low level of education. According to statistics, gopnik study or graduated from vocational schools, technical schools. But in schools they can also be found.

Most often you can meet Gopnik at the entrances and stalls. Especially favorite place - benches in the yard. Here they discuss various topics, for example, who has a better car or the details of the last fight. Emotional communication, abundant obscene language. Often, communication takes place under a chanson playing in a mobile phone. Gopnik like to squat.Often they drink beer from plastic cups and gnaw seeds.

How to dress gopnik

Any informal culture can be distinguished by their appearance. Gopnik also have their own distinctive features. Here are some of them:

  • sneakers forged by famous brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma;
  • sweatpants like tights, usually with one or two strips along the seams;
  • a leather jacket, usually wide-open, or a jacket from a tracksuit;
  • an eight-hat cap, a baseball cap or a winter black hat (popularly "Chechen").

Gopnik haircut is very short, sometimes leaving a small bang. It is interesting how the cap keeps on Gopnik. It is put on the top of the head. In this case, the cap should not cover the ears, but on the contrary - to rest on them from behind.

In general, these people dress very highly. Complete incompatibility and extreme cheapness of clothes - these are the main criteria for a Gopnik's wardrobe.

How to behave with Gopnik

If you met on the street a company that matches the above description, then you need to follow a number of rules:

  • Try to pass by without turning around;
  • You should move quickly, along a broken trajectory (courtyards, for example);
  • Staying close to passersby - it will pretend that you are not alone;
  • Avoid dark deserted places;
  • Try not to start a dialogue with them.

If you still started a conversation with a gopnik, then you need to know how to talk to him.

How to talk with Gopnik

The conversation takes place, as a rule, on their initiative. You may be asked a cigarette, ask to call or inquire where and why you are going. One can only guess about their intentions. However, the consequences are often unpleasant. Gopnik - aggressive people. Therefore, it is important to understand how to communicate with Gopnik. Here are tips for dialogue with Gopnik:

  • smile, benevolence is always helpful;
  • it is advisable not to answer questions, and if you really had to, then speak briefly and to the point;
  • do not fulfill any requests;
  • stay polite and calm;
  • Do not speak in terms and tricky words.

Many people are interested in the question of how to deal with Gopnik. The fact that there are more and more such people is an indicator of the level of development of the state. Naturally, physically destroy them not worth it. After all, if you attack the Gopnik crowd, you can make enemies. Therefore, the fight against Gopnik - a rhetorical question.But do not forget about their safety. You must keep yourself in physical form. If you do not own any kind of martial arts, then training in the gym once or twice a week will help you to be in good physical shape. In addition, strength and endurance will increase. It is useful to know the techniques of street self-defense. They are easy to find on the Internet, and work with a friend.

And if you are attracted by the romance of hooliganism, simplicity of speech and thoughts, do you like cheap sportswear and chanson? How to become a gopnik?

Gopnik become very simple. We go to the market and buy the clothes mentioned above. Download to your phone the composition of modern blatnyak. Get dressed and go to the nearest yard. We approach any company Gopnik. For their you just take.

So, I hope, now you will know who the Gopnik are. Be careful!


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