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Who is Steve Jobs?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 28, 2013
Who is Steve Jobs?

February 24, 1955 in the family of a Syrian émigré and an American graduate student a boy was born. Unfortunately, his birth was not entirely legal, and he had to be given to the Jobs couple, Paul and Klara, for his upbringing. One of the conditions of adoption was higher education, which the adoptive parents had to give the baby.

Beginning of electronics

But fate would have it differently. No, Stephen Paul Jobs graduated from school, but he didn’t go any further — the electronics hobby turned out to be stronger. Already at thirteen years old, Steve Jobs, in tandem with his namesake, Steve Wozniak, began to earn their first money on sales of simple electronic devices. The income, however, was small, but the main thing is the beginning. And they started.

In 1976, in the parent garage Steve Jobs has equipped the office of the company "Apple", and the work began to boil. The first computer model (Apple I) sold only 200 copies, but the second version (Apple II) brought real fame to the guys and, of course, money. It was then that the world found out who Steve Jobs was.

Apple is gaining popularity

In the early 80s, Apple was talked about with even greater force. In 1984, a new Macintosh computer was released. It was a joint brainchild of Steve Jobs and Xerox. Thanks to this computer, the world got acquainted with a computer mouse. I can’t even believe that up to this point users somehow managed without this “mechanical animal”.

Steve remembered his thirtieth birthday very well - he left Apple. More precisely, he was fired from his own company, but after 12 years he was hired again. And again, Apple has amazed everyone with its development: an iPhone, a portable iPod player, and in 2010, an iPad - everything that is included in the “advanced” user’s package was done by Apple under the direction of Steve Jobs or , as they sometimes say, "under his strict guidance."

The billionaire Jobs did not live only a few months to his 57 years - he died on October 5, 2011. But his case remained. Apple continues to work even when Steve Jobs has died, and every year it never ceases to amaze the computer world with new and new developments.


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