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Who is the plaintiff?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
February 1, 2015
Who is the plaintiff?

Civil proceedings have a special terminology. Some legal concepts need to be known to everyone, this is a sign of their legal culture. One of these words is the word "plaintiff". Who is the plaintiff, what place does he occupy in the trial? Understand this.

The plaintiff is a natural or legal person who filed a lawsuit, that is, an application with certain requirements, to the court. He sends these requirements to the defendant, who, in his opinion, must fulfill these requirements. The purpose of this appeal is to protect your rights on a specific issue.

Who is the plaintiff

The question arises: who is the plaintiff. Claimants in civil proceedings can be:

  • Individuals. For example: "The wife sued the former spouse demanding to pay her child support."
  • Persons protecting the interests of minors (parents, guardians, guardianship authorities and others). For example: "The guardianship authorities filed a lawsuit demanding that Ivanov SI be deprived of parental rights."
  • Authorized representatives of the legal entity.

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