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Who was the first prince?

September 8, 2014
Who was the first prince?

Our country has a rich history. The events that took place in ancient Russia immediately after the formation of the state are interesting. We can learn about them from various sources, for example, from the Tale of Bygone Years. Let us today plunge into the history of ancient Russia and remember who was the first Russian prince.


In the 9th century, Russia was not a single state; different tribes lived on its territory, each of which had its own prince and its own capital. There was an inter-tribal feud, in connection with this there was a need to unite the tribes into a single state. Russia at that time was inhabited by such tribes as Chud, all, Ilmen Slovenes and others. They decided to invite the prince from the Varangian lands, that is, from Scandinavia (presumably from Denmark). In the "Tale of the Belt Years" it is said who was the first prince in Russia. This prince was called Rurik. He began to reign in Ladoga in 862. Then he founded Novgorod and began to rule all Novgorod lands. Rurik - the founder of the famous dynasty of Rurikovich.


After Rurik, Oleg began to reign, who became famous for capturing Kiev, overthrowing the ruling princes Askold and Dir. Oleg strengthened his power and formed the state of the Eastern Slavs, whose capital was the city of Kiev. Under Oleg's rule were the tribes of the Drevlians, northerners and Radimichs. The prince established trade with the East and the Balkans, led successful wars with Byzantium, strengthened the foreign policy position of the state. For example, in 907, Oleg made a successful military campaign to Byzantium, the main achievement of which was the agreement on duty-free trade of Russian merchants in Byzantium. In 911, Prince Oleg concludes a peace treaty with Constantinople. In Russia Oleg was nicknamed the Thing, that is, knowing the future, for his vision and intelligence. According to legend, Oleg dies in 912 from the bite of a poisonous snake, which crawled out of the skull of his beloved horse.

The first prince of Moscow

The exact age of Moscow is unknown. The first reliable mention in the annals is 1147 year. For a long time, Moscow was part of the Vladimir-Suzdal principality, so the city did not have its own ruler. The turning point in the history of the city was the year 1236, when Moscow became an independent city and the period of a specific princedom began. It is known for certain who was the first prince of Moscow.They became Daniel Alexandrovich - the son of the Grand Prince of Vladimir Alexander Nevsky. Daniil Aleksandrovich became the ancestor of the dynasty of Moscow princes. The prince expanded the territory of Moscow, adding new principalities to it, and also founded two famous monasteries: Epiphany and Danilov.


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