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Why are my hands itching?

Even in our modern times, and seemingly advanced preventive medicine, a person can become infected with various skin diseases or provoke them due to his ignorance. Today we talk about diseases of the skin of the hands. Of course, if you feel itching or burning between the fingers, this does not mean that you are seriously ill, perhaps it is an allergy or some other disease not dangerous for your life. But in more detail we will answer the question of why itching, later in our article.

What could be the cause

  1. This problem may be caused by banal vitamin deficiency. Therefore, you should reconsider your diet and possibly start taking vitamins. Prefer fruits: oranges, apples, apricots, vegetables - carrots.
  2. Your liver may be tired. Therefore, clean it with activated carbon. It is necessary to take four tablets in the morning and then in the evening.
  3. It is possible that you have picked up a fungal disease somewhere. To eliminate this problem, it is advisable not to go to the pharmacy and buy what the pharmacist suggests, but go to the hospital and do the analysis, and only then use the drug, which helps with your fungal disease.
  4. Most likely you are allergic. Therefore, you need to quickly find the cause and eliminate it. Often there is an allergy either to food or to paint in fabric.
  5. If you are pregnant, then perhaps toxicosis is the cause of your uncomfortable condition.
  6. Dermatitis, in a general sense. We will tell you more about this. Namely, why the skin on the hands during this disease is scratched. Itching on the skin of the hands is dermatitis, with many causes.

Allergic dermatitis

What makes it so like that suddenly we get dermatitis? And the reasons, in fact, can be many, why itching fingers. For example, drugs, chemicals, including household, cosmetics ... And if you often worry, and overworked lately, then perhaps your body is so weak that it allows allergies to appear on the skin of your hands (starting from puffiness and redness, ending with painful blisters). If you do not treat your dermatitis, it can smoothly develop into eczema, and this is much worse and more dangerous for your health! If your dermatitis is caused by taking the necessary drugs, then serious complications (with taxidermy) are possible: the nervous system, the kidneys, the cardiovascular system, the liver are affected.

At home

In everyday life, it also happens that hands itch impatiently.What to do? Need to find out the cause of mechanical dermatitis. You may have burned, frostbite, or spilled dangerous material on yourself, even plant pollen can cause dermatitis (tomatoes, potatoes).


Occurs due to hormonal disorders or functional disorders in the human body. Such dermatitis also appears on the elbow bends as well.


Is skin itching between fingers? If you are allergic, you should remove the allergen from the places where you are. Do not engage in self-treatment, it is better to consult a specialist. If the disease is mild, then doctors usually prescribe antihistamines, such as suprastin, cetrin, claritin and others. It is also recommended to take baths with decoctions of herbs: turns, hops, chamomile, dandelion and St. John's wort. As soon as you take a bath, sore spots need to be lubricated with medication. Doctors of alternative medicine advise Fenistil ointment, Propolis ointment, Skin-cap cream. There are also hormonal ointments. Very often, doctors prescribe such ointments as: Flucinar (Cinaflan), Lorinden, Fluorocort, Celestoderm, Belosalic and others.But these drugs do not need to be used if your disease is complicated by a fungal, viral, or bacterial infection.


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