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Why do bruises appear?

Natalia Gredyushko
Natalia Gredyushko
July 10, 2012
Why do bruises appear?

Not only in childhood, our body is bruised, these brown, blue, and sometimes black spots on the skin accompany a person throughout life. The erroneous opinion is based on the belief that bruises appear after injuries of a different nature. Yes, there is a really high probability of the formation of stains of this kind due to injury, but there are several other reasons. Bruises can be a manifestation of a disease, especially in the elderly. Therefore, it is necessary to find out why bruises appear, and it will be possible to prevent further development of the disease.

Why bruises appear on the body

  • Bruises can be formed due to the fragility of the capillaries. Fragile capillaries are primarily a lack of vitamins in the body. It is enough to fill in the lack of vitamins C, K, P and soon everything will be normalized, at least for a while.
  • Another cause of bruising or hematoma (medical term) is a diseasehemorrhagic vasculitis is called - a pathology associated with the immune system or with blood clotting - thrombocytopenia. A variety of this disease is found even in babies, and the formation of bruises may not be the cause of such an active way of life. Thrombocytopenic purpura (disruption of the circulatory system) in acute form can cover the body of the child with bruises.
  • Also, the cause of hematomas on the body can be taking medications that affect blood clotting. These include aspirin and heparin, as well as corticosteroids.
  • Bruises can be formed at the blood collection site (for example, for tests) or after the injection.

Why do bruises appear on the legs

If the bruises are only on the legs, this fact may indicate the initial stage of the disease such as varicose veins. It occurs mainly in the elderly, in pregnant women.


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