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Why do we need a personal diary?

Surely in my childhood many people kept their personal diaries. Then it was interesting, fun and funny. This little book was a big secret that warmed the soul and made the heart beat faster. But girls grew up and forgot about such a tradition. And in vain, because keeping a diary can be quite a useful exercise.

With him you can be frank

Why do you need it?

What is a personal diary for? Experienced psychologists sometimes advise him to know, knowing that it is very, very useful. Here are some important points:

  • Sometimes it happens that the soul has accumulated so much that you just need to throw it all out. And what if there are no friends who are ready to listen to the squall of negativity? Or they are, but not too reliable. A diary will come to the rescue. The paper will endure everything and under no circumstances will reproach.
  • Some find it difficult to keep secrets. So, if such a secret is put on paper, then it can help in the future to remain silent and not to give out secrets.
  • A diary can help spill out and control your emotions.Having put all the malice on paper, you can soberly assess the situation and keep calm. Sometimes you need to evaluate something from the side and in a calm state in order to understand what was done wrong.
  • A diary can help get rid of fears. There is a very good method in psychology. If you describe what you are afraid of, in detail, to tell about it all, then in the end it may seem harmless and insignificant. Feeling shy about your fears? Write about them on paper, you can even add a picture. You will see how one day you will look at this page with a smile.
  • Do you have any important task or goal? In the diary, you can record your actions and evaluate your strengths and situations. This will certainly help to succeed.
  • Records will help analyze your behavior in certain situations and adjust it if necessary. Describe the situation that concerns you, tell us about your actions. Evaluate actions, think about how you act in the future.
  • With the help of records you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to beat them from a position that is favorable to you. Sometimes in life it is very necessary.
  • Keeping a personal diary is also a great memory training. For example, if you take notes once a week, you will remember all the most important things that happened during these seven days. Soon you will notice that remembering something is not difficult.
  • One can learn to be organized and responsible, which by the way is unusual for many.
  • And finally, the diary is a priceless memory. It will help you to immerse yourself in beautiful memories and to feel a little bit nostalgic. Sometimes it is so nice!

How to lead?

How to keep a personal diary and how to make it useful for yourself? In fact, nothing complicated about it.

What to write there? Anything. First, take out on paper everything that worries you, disturbs, angers, disturbs or evokes any other feelings. You can just describe your life. Briefly tell how the day passed, or just write about interesting moments. Write in a diary about people who are dear to you, as well as about those who cause hostility (it will help to suppress such a feeling or at least not to show it).

Describe the thoughts that come to you suddenly or that you keep in your head all the time.You can also record everything that you have heard somewhere, everything that you liked: phrases, poems, lyrics, sayings, and so on.

Write about your dreams and goals and remember that thoughts are material.

In general, write down all the most interesting and important for you. But empty unnecessary descriptions are not needed, this makes no sense.

Take care of its decoration

When to take notes? If you have “bouts” of inspiration, then use them for good purposes. Sit down and write whatever comes to mind. Many will certainly have a few minutes to jot down something important or vital. If you have no such possibility, you can take notes after work.

Give yourself a few minutes, close the room, pour a cup of delicious tea, take a pen and pour out all that has accumulated over the day. If this option is not suitable, you can select 1-3 days per week. Already a couple of hours in 7 days there is each, no matter how busy she was.

How do I record? Here, all the more simple. Just sit down and write. But if you are accustomed to everything being clear and organized, then select several sections, for example, “ideas”, “thoughts”, “dreams and desires”, “tasks and goals”, “emotions” or something else.So perhaps it will be even more interesting.

How to make a diary?

The cover of your diary is something that you will see often, so make it such that it was pleasant to watch. Registration and decoration depend only on you. Accustomed to brevity? Buy a regular diary or thick notebook and start keeping.

We forgot how to write on paper

Want something bright and unusual? Then learn how to make a diary for a girl and start creating. For example, you can find magazines and cut out bright and unusual pictures from them, then paste them on the pages of a notebook. The cover can also be decorated. For this you can, for example, glue it with a thick cloth. Then take beads, glitter, ribbons and other decorative elements and put them on the fabric.

By the way, you can equip the diary lock. Suitable and the usual small. Such measures will help protect such a personal and important thing from prying eyes and hands.

Original will look and strings. And if your imagination is not capable of such delights, then you can simply buy a ready-made personal diary in the store. But, having made such an object with your own hands, you will put your soul into it and create a special energy.

Helpful Tips

If you decide to take notes, then a few tips will not hurt you:

  • Immediately determine the place in which your diary will lie. If you hid him badly, then it is likely that he will fall into the wrong hands. And if a lot of secret and secret is written in the diary, then all this will be revealed. It is best to put this item in some box and close it with a key.
  • Remember that the paper will not answer you with reproach or reproach, so write everything as it really is. No need to exaggerate or distort reality. If you are dishonest with a personal diary, then what about the people around you? Yes, and analyze something is unlikely to succeed if the situation is not true.
  • The appearance of the diary should like you. Then you will take it and make notes with pleasure. If this thing will cause you positive emotions, then writing will be pleasant and easy.
  • Do not treat the diary as a duty. If you have no desire or mood, then it is meaningless to write in this state, nothing good will come of it. Get involved only if you have the desire.
  • Do not immerse yourself completely in the diary, moving away from real life. This is just a notebook, not your friend. So the real life should not fade into the background.

Let the diary help you understand difficult situations and understand yourself!

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