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Why do we need dots?

Let's start with what ellipsis is. Ellipsis is a punctuation mark, which is used in Russian to indicate pauses or incompleteness. It is important for any person to know why you need an ellipsis in order to understand what the interlocutor or author of a literary work meant and that he himself could use it correctly in writing. What are the dots used for?

Dot Usage Rules

Schoolchildren are often asked to write an essay about why dots are needed. Writing-reasoning on this topic You can easily write when you find out all the cases in which the ellipsis is used. That is what we now talk.

Dots are used in the sentence to indicate incompleteness, interruption of thought caused by external interference or excitement: “He was beautiful ... But I cannot understand how such a beautiful person could do such nasty things ...”; "It may be worse for everyone, but I can’t just leave and I can’t just forget ..."

Also, dots are used to indicate the continuation of an interrupted story or a missed beginning of a text or sentence: “It was incredibly boring to listen to him, and I was always distracted,but he did not react and continued his story: "... but these obstacles did not stop us, we had to reach the finals at any cost."

Dots can also be used to designate pauses during a sudden transition from one action or event to another, when changing thoughts, decisions or unexpected conclusions: “The sun was calm and joyful, framed by the approaching clouds, it was warm and quiet outside ... Suddenly , the sky in an instant was drawn out, darkened and thunder struck. ”

If you are writing an essay about why you need an ellipsis, you can indicate that it is used in working with quotations. When using a separate sentence or its fragment, ellipsis indicates using only a part of the text: “Ellipsis is not just a sign that we use without realizing it, not noticing, these are traces of words that escaped from the sentence and left it on tiptoe” - “ Dots are not just a sign ... they are traces of words escaped from a sentence, left on tiptoe. ” To indicate the omission of a whole sentence or several sentences, an ellipsis with angle brackets is used, which is put in place of the missing sentences.

Also, dots are used to denote the intervals "5 ... 8 months", "expected temperature +20 ... 25 degrees"

Why do you need dots in the essays and exams? Checks your knowledge of why you need ellipsis, GIA (state final certification). Therefore, it may be useful to use the ellipsis along with other punctuation marks in the exam, it is especially important to be able to use it correctly when working with quotations.

If you are writing an essay on the exam about why you need dots on the GIA, you can use it to emphasize unexpected moments, make mysterious and sophisticated, not pronouncing obvious things and conclusions, but replacing them with dots, which gives the reader some freedom in interpreting what they read, as well as keeping up pauses before dramatic moments.

Now you know why dots are needed, how and for what it can be used. Use it correctly, write correctly and get high marks.


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