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Why does the refrigerator not freeze?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
February 25, 2013
Why does the refrigerator not freeze?

In the article we will talk about the most common faults, as a result of which the refrigerator freezes badly or does not freeze at all. And we will begin, as usual, with the most common reason, due to which more than 50% of refrigerators with a similar fault do not freeze here.

Do not freeze the refrigerator: reasons

Most often in cases where the refrigerator does not freeze, the cause is a depressurization of the system, more precisely, a violation of the tightness of its contours. In this situation, the refrigerator works, but does not freeze or freezes very badly. And, as a rule, the owners of the refrigerator themselves are to blame. Everyone knows that almost any refrigerator needs periodic defrosting. It is necessary to regularly turn off the refrigerator and clean it from the frozen ice, especially in the freezer. The defrosting procedure is quite long and often takes a good half a day. Of course, not everyone wants to spend on defrosting a refrigerator isthe amount of time and many are trying to speed up this process, using various improvised means - knives, forks, small spatulas, etc. In some models of refrigerators, special plastic spatulas are attached for cleaning, which do not damage the surface, but people often still resort to using knives. Any manufacturer of refrigerators and repairman will tell you - in no case should you do this, but we ignore their advice, and then we wonder why it does not freeze the refrigerator. A simple thing: with sharp objects it is easy to damage the inner surface of the freezer. Enough of a small hole - and through it all gas will evaporate from the refrigerator. In addition, moisture can get into this hole, resulting in the formation of condensate in the cooling system, which leads to difficulty in working and even to the failure of the freezing system.

The refrigerator does not freeze: what to do

If the refrigerator does not freeze, will help a number of operations that must be performed by specialists. First of all, you need to clean the entire system with a hydraulic tool, and then purge or flush the capillary tube and replace the drainage filter.If in the system of the refrigeration unit the motor-compressor does not pump pressure, the latter must be replaced. However, in order to determine this, we need special instruments for measuring voltage, amperage. Also, the cause of a compressor failure may be its continuous operation without interruption, which happens because too much power is set, which the compressor tries to squeeze, but cannot, as a result, it works without interruption. In this case, the power should be reduced. A refrigerator repair can be done on its own only when you yourself have the necessary qualifications. If there is no qualification or it is not enough, the most reasonable will be to turn to professionals.


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