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Why does the TV fly out of the window?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
March 6, 2015
Why does the TV fly out of the window?

The 100 to 1 game is very peculiar, so many interesting questions appear here. One of these is "why does the TV fly out of the window?". You can make a lot of assumptions, as dozens of options climbs into your head at once, each of which differs from the other in its originality. Let's look at the most popular ones.

  1. On the first line is the most popular option, which was called by passersby on the street - "broke."
  2. The second place - the TV flies out of the window because it is just “old”.
  3. The reason for the "flight" of the TV can be a typical household "quarrel" between the spouses.
  4. Why not throw out the TV if it simply “tired” of its owner? - the fourth line of the rating.
  5. You can throw the technique, if you "bought a new" TV (well, where else to put the old one?).
  6. The last place in popularity is the "dropped" option.

Now you know the answer to the question "why does the TV fly out of the window?".


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