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Why does the dog howl?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
June 7, 2012
Why does the dog howl?

Many of us have heard the dog howling in the street. Sometimes you can hear the dog howling in the apartment. So why the dog howls?

The dog is a close relative of the wolf. Many people know that sometimes a wolf’s howl can be heard in the forest. This method of communication of the animal does not carry an aggressive shade. People superstitions and fiction have given a completely mystical meaning wolf howl. In fact, the moon is only a minor symptom. All dogs are nocturnal. Therefore, both wolves and dogs howl at the moon. The main function of the howl of the wolf is to unite the pack, charging the team members with positive team spirit. That's why dogs howl at the moon.

The dogs howl has lost its original meaning. However, sometimes dogs howl precisely for rallying with their relatives, most often when they are not around. Sometimes you can hear the dog howling in the tone of the music. Especially classic. Some researchers find this howl of expressing the emotions of a dog.

Sometimes dogs start howling when they are alone. Thus, they express that they are lonely without a master.By the way, dogs often do not howl alone. It is necessary to howl alone, as it is joined by relatives on the street. Just because the dog will not begin to howl, apparently, somewhere in the solitude of another dog sitting somewhere.

In addition, dogs can howl after the death of the owner. This can also be attributed to the feeling of loneliness. After all, dogs are very loyal animals. Some breeds remain true to him after the death of the host.

Thus, a dog howl is a special type of animal communication. It is needed to maintain community in a dog pack, to strengthen the spirit of relatives. And also the howl is an expression of the dog's emotions. I hope, now you will know why the dog howls and you will not be afraid of this howling.


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