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Why dream of a big room

The room is our soul, consciousness, emotional state. Our feelings arising in a dream while in the room reflect our deep psycho-emotional state. Why does a room appear in a dream?

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Sleep room
Sleep about a room - what does it mean?

Dream Esoterica E. Tsvetkova

To see a strange room in a dream is a lucky coincidence; empty - to unattainable expectations; with a good situation - luck in new affairs; extremely small - it will be possible to avoid serious problems at the most extreme moment.

With fine art on the walls - changes in your aspirations; white - to the solemn event.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Cananite

Seen room - to luck and prosperity; to decorate or change the situation - wait for a change. Decorated with paintings - your wishes will change; the absence of objects in it — separation from relatives. Expensive decoration - all planned work out; brightly lit - significant solemn event; several rooms - wealth.

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy

To see a lot of rooms for a man - a visit to places of entertainment, communication with women of easy virtue.

The newest dream book

A dream in which you ended up in a room with furniture - recovery in a short time; in other cases, the room is seen to an unexpected enrichment.

Dream dream bitch

White room - to a rich fan, and empty - to the difficult financial situation

Female dream book

Presence in a beautiful room with expensive furniture promises a sudden profit as a result of successful financial activity or inheritance from relatives who lived far from you.

Admire the room with expensive furnishings - the girl can expect the appearance of a rich admirer, the proposal of marriage from him and move to his beautiful house. If the decoration of the room is not rich - a woman will have a little wealth, in family life she will be limited in finances.

Russian dream book

A tidy dream room interprets a room for good luck in love affairs, the dirt in a room is a loss of love.

Medium Hasse

Room with pictures - your desires may change; with a good atmosphere - your endeavors will be successful; to decorate or arrange furniture - fast changes; brightly lit - to the solemn event; many rooms - wealth.

Dream interpretation for lovers

To be in a richly furnished room - get a proposal for marriage from a wealthy stranger, if the room has simple decoration - your husband will not be rich, your financial resources will be hampered.

Slavic dream book

See your room - to the family joy.

Esoteric dream book

Why dream of a big room - to prosperity; narrow and dark - to prison, public censure; square promises the onset of a successful period in life, everything will turn out.

If a room is overwhelmed with a huge number of items, you are heavy on moral obligations. A room without windows - hopelessness, sadness. Even in the absence of faith, put candles in the church.


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