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Why dream of a lot of houses?

Anna Kitaychik
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Why dream of a lot of houses?

As you know, the house seen in a dream is the personification of the person himself (the dreamer). However, a large number of buildings has a slightly different meaning. We offer to find out why many houses dream and how to interpret the dream in which you saw them.

Many houses: the interpretation of sleep

  • If among the large number of dreamed houses you own the biggest or the most beautiful, then you should expect joyful news. Most likely, you will be able to make a long-awaited purchase, invite the girl you like to date or get a good job.
  • Many dilapidated houses on the verge of ruin - you expect a deterioration of health (possible illness), failure in business, family disorders or disturbing events.
  • If you leave a deserted city, in which there are many houses, it means that all difficulties and troubles are left behind, and career growth awaits you ahead.
  • A large number of empty houses - the personification of your personal prejudices and fears that prevent you from truly enjoying life.
  • A lot of houses burning in the fire promise problems and troubles with employees. But do not worry, soon the perpetrators will be punished and healthy relationships will be restored in the team.
  • If you see that you are among high-rise buildings, then wait for an invitation to the wedding. Noisy fun feast you guaranteed.

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