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Why dream of earrings?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 8, 2012
Why dream of earrings?

Dreams are a unique phenomenon of the human psyche, still not fully studied by mankind. Long since people tried to solve, that means this or that image seen in a dream.

What do you dream about earrings: dream book Maya

In the dream book of the ancient Indian Maya tribe there are two meanings of such a dream: good and bad.

  • Sleep is good if you see how to wear earrings. Then in reality you will soon meet a good friend. In order to make this meeting even more enjoyable, all week long, in the cup from which you drink coffee, throw something silver.
  • Nothing good does not portend a dream in which you are trying to find earrings. He can promise you a robbery. To avoid this, one should wear as much jewelry as possible in the evening before going to bed, and only take it off at dawn.

What dreams are the earrings: dream choke

In the dream book Höss, it means that if you have found earrings, expect happiness and profit.If, on the contrary, you have lost jewelry, then in reality you will find some unpleasant fright. If in a dream you wear earrings, then some mystery will soon be revealed to you. If you buy earrings in a dream - do not avoid disappointment of relatives and friends. Broken earrings dream of treason.

What dreams of gold earrings

Such a dream suggests that in reality you will be able to cope with temptation and avoid one seductive businessman who would later bring you a lot of absolutely unnecessary trouble.

Anyway, beautiful decorations always make us happy, no matter in sleep or reality.

Have a nice sleep!


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