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Why dream of yellow?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 6, 2012
Why dream of yellow?

There are dreams in which there is nothing but one of some kind of sensation. And there are those of which nothing is remembered except color. For example, why dream of yellow?

Denise Lynn, in her dream book, writes that yellow is the color of joy, positive, emotionality and ability to act, as well as the color of a clear and lively mind capable of organization and self-discipline. The color of the sun symbolizes creativity and great organizational skills. If you dreamed of yellow, then the desire to criticize someone will disappear by itself, envy and stubbornness and contempt for people around you will disappear. There will also be no feeling of constant depression, grief, sadness, you will no longer cynically look at things and engage in self-flagellation. In every way a good dream.

Another interpretation of what dreams of yellow color, can be found in the dream book Sheremenskaya. This color is considered the color of the sunset. In the course of the history and development of civilization, yellow has become a symbol of gold and wealth, and these attributes are always associated with power,greatness and eternal values. For Buddhists, yellow color means divine qualities - greatness, holiness, enlightenment of mind and eternity. But this refers only to a moderate yellow color - like the quiet brilliance of gold.

Poisonous yellow symbolizes envy, malice, bile, which entail treason and all sorts of delays with deeds.

In the modern dream book says about what dreams of yellow clothes. Such a dream speaks of imminent joy, prosperity and success in business. But if yellow radiance emanates from clothes, then everything can be exactly the opposite.

Autumn yellowed foliage foreshadows the withering and the collapse of hopes. But if in a dream you are walking through the garden, which is filled with fragrant yellow flowers, then you should not worry. There will be circumstances and people in your life who will give you new vitality in order to move on!


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