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Why ears peel off?

Do your ears peel? Then it is worth seriously think about your health. Unfortunately, this is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a bell about many diseases that, if they begin to develop, can lead to serious complications. Therefore, noticing peeling, feeling itching, pain and discomfort, you need to urgently consult a doctor. In no case should not self-medicate!

Proper care

The ears, like other external organs, require regular care and proper attention. Without fail it is necessary to wash and wipe the auricle, the ear lobes, and also to clean the ear canals from the accumulations of sulfur with special ear-sticks.

What causes flaking?

Why does skin flaking in the ears appear? Medical practice has identified the main causes of these small (in the form of dandruff) or large crusts. These include:

  • dry ear skin is a congenital feature of the epidermal layer;
  • violation of the rules of personal hygiene: excessive care, which overdries the skin, or rare, which leads to excessive accumulation of sulfur, and hence to irritation of the epidermis;
  • avitaminosis or lack of proper amount of nutrients in the daily diet;
  • frequent furunculosis of the auditory organs. For information, a furuncle is a subcutaneous formation, which initially manifests as redness, flaking and itching, and then a painful dense tubercle;
  • fungal diseases that occur due to the use of someone else's headphones, intensive cleaning of the ears, etc .;
  • eczema;
  • the consequence of the postponed otitis;
  • endocrine diseases, for example, diabetes;
  • allergy, and peeling can be seen not only on the skin of the ear, but also behind it;
  • advanced age (metabolism deteriorates);
  • individual features of the skin;
  • mechanical damage to the auditory organs;
  • heredity;
  • unsuccessful ear piercing to decorate them with earrings. As a result, the earlobe reddens, and subsequently peels off;
  • weather conditions such as frost, wind and sun;
  • Nervous shocks and stress.

Treatment methods

What should I do if my ears are flaky? First you need to understand the causes of the disease. It is best to consult a otolaryngologist. You should not hope for recovery through the use of folk decoctions and tinctures.

Drug treatment, which is often prescribed for peeling of the skin of the ears:

  1. A broad-spectrum antibiotic or with an active ingredient to combat bacterial infection. For a better therapeutic effect, a complex treatment is recommended: antibacterial drug + ear drops with an antibiotic. Thus, the itching and pain will be removed and the peeling will disappear. Tip: Read the instructions carefully - many drugs have age limits.
  2. Antihistamines, often in pills. They remove an allergic reaction of any kind, relieve dermatitis and eczema. Tip: in the treatment of eczema, you must follow a diet.
  3. Antifungal drugs. They are prescribed if the peeling is caused by the appearance of the fungus. For oral administration, Fluconazole, and for topical administration, Nitrofungin and Terbinafil.
  4. Surgical intervention. Such a cardinal treatment is prescribed only for boils of advanced form (large size, not breaking through, etc.).

Folk treatment, which is used in the fight against peeling of the auricles:

  1. A cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil of sea-buckthorn, marigold, dog rose, St. John's wort or rose, treat the peeling areas.The course of treatment ten days.
  2. Make a medical mixture of a few drops of aloe juice and vitamin A, E, C and B6 (for each ampoule). A cotton wool or bandage dipped in a solution should be applied to affected areas for 30 minutes.

It is quite simple to get rid of the flaking of the skin of the ears, the main thing is to start the correct treatment in time.

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