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Why i love you

Love is a bright feeling that allows you to perform truly incredible things. She is able to change the world around us, turn gray days into colorful memories and give a feeling of weightlessness. But sometimes it is quite difficult to confess your feelings to a loved one. Often grabs words to say about his love.

You can fall in love with just one glance, but it is rather difficult to name the reasons why I love you or because of what feelings arose. In some cases, love may appear due to the difference of characters, for example, a hot-tempered person will feel good next to calm, as they can complement each other.

Why do people love each other?

It is still not known to science for certain why there arises such a feeling as love between people. Due to the mass of research, scientists have found that, most likely, pheromones, substances secreted by the human body along with sweat, are to blame. Often, it is because of them that very beautiful women can choose inconspicuous men as partners and vice versa.

Another very important aspect is psychology. At a subconscious level, a person may lack various emotions or character traits that he is trying to find in his soul mate. If a woman wonders why I love him, but only stereotyped phrases come up in my head - it doesn�t matter, often love is simply impossible to explain with normal �human� language.

For those who want to please their loved one with pleasant words, but he is not a �master of the pen�, you can study the list of original phrases about why I love you. In the future, you can easily answer this question unbanally!

List of reasons why I love you for a girl:

  • I adore your deep eyes, which do not cease to search only me in the crowd.
  • When I look at you, I just lose my head.
  • I love you because you know how to entertain me.
  • You changed my life and made it extraordinary.
  • You read my mind like an open notebook.
  • You give me happiness only by being present.
  • My heart jumps out of my chest at the thought of you.
  • You will even feel 100 kilometers away if I feel bad.
  • Your views on life are always very close with mine.
  • You always support me, even if I'm wrong.
  • I like to see your sweet face when I open my eyes in the morning.
  • You're the person I always want to be with.

It is worth noting the well-known fact: women love with their ears, and men - with their eyes. That is why it is very important to know why you love your girlfriend or wife (especially on the eve of spring holidays). If you love a person, he will understand your feelings without words, but still it is very pleasant to hear such confessions.

List of reasons why I love you for a guy:

  • I love you for no reason
  • You like walking with me in any weather.
  • You are my light in darkness.
  • I really like your graceful long fingers.
  • Because when evening comes, I have your phone call in my heart.
  • As you leave, you always turn to wave me goodbye.
  • Because very often I take you home at night.
  • You are my whole life.
  • Your look makes me the happiest in the world.
  • You get the most delicious tea with mint all over the world.
  • Because you're calling to talk and hear my voice.

Love is a unique feeling that does not disappear over the years.Often it can be confused with love and passion, but these emotions are less stable and fade with time. A person who truly loves will be sincere in all his words and deeds. In addition, in everyday life, he will support his beloved, even in the most simple things. For example, always give a girl a hand when she gets out of a minibus or help her to take off her jacket. Such actions are always appreciated.

There is also love, which arises because of stereotypes inherent in a person since childhood. Thus, if a girl all childhood dreamed of a �prince on a white horse� who would give her expensive jewelry, she would unconsciously look for a similar man in adulthood. In this case, there is no need to talk about any kind of self-interest, since a person unconsciously seeks to such standards. Just the main criteria for selection is the success of a partner.


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