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Why I will never feed my baby with meat

My baby and he made a choice in favor of veganism.

My son frowned. He was nauseous. And the grandmother still tried to feed him with a canned turkey.

“Look at yourself,” my mother-in-law was saying to me. “It’s already almost transparent, and you torment the child.”

The feelings at that moment were twofold: on the one hand, I was very worried about Sawa crying, on the other - I was glad that he, like me, did not want to eat meat.

I came to veganism about ten years ago. Initially, I realized that I can not eat meat. Not even because of pity for animals, I just can't stand it - disgusting. Then fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, butter gradually disappeared from my diet. And I can say with confidence that I feel great. In the world there are hundreds of products that allow you to replace meat. Not to taste, but in composition.

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When I went pregnant, I had to hide from the gynecologist that I did not eat meat or other animal food. A Soviet-style aunt was always anxiously interested in whether I was eating enough and varied - hemoglobin continually fell.I just waved away that everything was in order, and the hemoglobin was getting buckwheat and beetroot. Weight gained by the standards, my son was all right. He was also born a healthy baby, small. And not with a celery in the hand, as my friends meat-eaters joked.

Sava on breastfeeding for seven months. Of course, this is milk. On the one hand, not vegan. But this is mother's milk, it is ideal for him. But the lure I enter exclusively vegetarian. After all, all the necessary protein Sawa gets from breast milk.

By the way, my husband is categorical, he does not share my passion for veganism. The husband hopes that very soon he will go with the grown-up Savely to the restaurant for a good steak.

But the mother-in-law especially categorically relates to my diet. For some reason, “vegan” means to her the same thing as a fallen woman.

“You will kill the child. That will grow - even if at least one cabbage eats. And while it is growing, developing, everything must be eaten, ”she is sure.

Natalia Ivanovna is constantly trying to feed Sawa with some product from my stop list. He will sort out the milk porridge, then he will try to give him a jar of meat.After the buckwheat porridge, we didn’t sleep for a week, Sawa suffered: it looks like he had a stomachache. The pediatrician could not find out the reason. But the jar of turkey was the last straw, I will not allow my mother-in-law anymore. Sawa took mashed potatoes in his mouth and immediately began to vomit. Vomiting was hardly stopped.

So, my baby made his choice himself - from infancy. You know, I'm very happy about that. Meat does not benefit anyone! In addition, my son is developing better peers - his teeth got out early, he started to roll over early, sit down. Doctors are not happy - an exceptionally healthy little boy. And I'm sure: my way of eating, that during pregnancy, that now, only benefits Savva. Let me eat mother-eaters, but since the child is healthy and happy, it means that I am doing everything right.


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