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Why invent new words?

August 22, 2011
Why invent new words?

Are you aware that our great and mighty Russian language is in second place in the complexity of studying after Chinese? It is understandable - in order for a foreigner to sometimes understand what the Russian meant, you have to explain for a long time. In addition, new words constantly appear in the Russian language, which makes it even more difficult. And why even come up with new words? There are several reasons for word formation.

Any living language of an existing state is in constant development. Life goes forward, new objects appear, new phenomena appear, etc. They must somehow be called, therefore new words arise.

The reason for word formation can also be the diversity of language styles and the influence on the living language of various social groups. This means that for one word they can come up with synonyms that will have the same meaning as this word, but will be more understandable and more commonly used in some social groups.A simple example: most people use the words "up" and "down." In the group of builders, the new words "vira" ("up") and "meina" ("down") will become more used.

The influence of foreign languages. Many countries and nationalities affect each other’s lives. In the global space, we exchange new items, ideas and inventions. Together with something new we have a new name. But since one or another object appeared abroad, the language of the country from which it came is often influenced by its new name (for example, the word “puree” came to us from France, and “basketball” came from England).


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