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Why is it better to buy a tapestry bedspread for a bed?

Without high-quality textiles it is difficult to imagine a cozy home, because it not only performs its direct function, but also decorates the home. Beautiful curtains, soft and large towels, elegant bedspreads - all this is important so that the house does not look "empty." Next, we consider one of the types of home textiles - tapestry bedspreads. They perfectly perform their direct function, and they are also very beautiful. Tapestry fabric is created using a complex weave of three to several yarn systems. In modern conditions, it is woven on the machine, but it also looks like it was made by hand.

Features tapestry fabric

It is made from high-quality cotton, sometimes adding polyester in different proportions for strength and durability. The tapestry is also combined with linen and wool to make the product soft and warm. The cheapest options are created entirely from synthetics.Tapestry fabric can be single-layer and two-layer, unilateral and bilateral.

The material is durable, dense, well-kept form, pleasant to the touch. The freshness of patterns and colors will be preserved for a long time, because the colors are achieved by weaving threads, rather than dyeing the fabric.

Among the advantages are the following:

  1. A variety of colors and designs. Small and large patterns in all shades, reproductions of paintings, various ornaments, etc.
  2. Environmental friendliness is inherent in expensive models in which there are few synthetic additives. Such fabrics are hygroscopic and provide high breathability.
  3. Well lays on the bed, gives it shape. The fabric is dense and tough, so it eliminates irregularities on the blanket itself, creating a flat surface.
  4. The fabric is durable, it does not require complex care. The cover will not fade and be afraid of sunlight, it will not need to be washed frequently.
  5. This cover will decorate the bed, sofa and chair. It can be used in the bedroom, living room and nursery.

Among the significant drawbacks we can name one: you need to carefully handle the tapestry canvas, because with difficult contamination from any food or drink, removing the stain will not be easy.

When choosing the appropriate option, pay attention to these points:

  1. Bedspreads need to choose the size of the sofa or bed. The bedcover should at least completely hide the bedding.
  2. If you want the room to look harmonious, choose the shade of the bedspread to match the colors of the curtains or walls. Bright models with variegated patterns and patterns are better for choosing for large rooms, as they will visually attract attention and hide space. For small rooms, neutral and monotonous options are good, preferably warm colors to add comfort and light. If there is a lot of light in the room and the windows face the south side, covers of cool shades will do - they will give the interior a fresh hue.
  3. The cost of tapestry covers varies from several hundred to several thousand rubles. It depends on the composition of the fabric, manufacturer, size, complexity of the pattern. You can consider several specific options and choose the most affordable among you, or determine in advance the amount you can spend, and already look at the models at a selected cost.

Tapestry bedspread - one of the highest quality, beautiful and convenient options for home textiles.


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