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Why the mother-in-law does not give her husband money to buy an apartment?

We live 2 years together. My husband (he is 45 years old) has money deposited on a card after selling his apartment. Card addressed to mom. He can't pick them up. (there is a conflict between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law). Now we decided to buy a house. Money can not pick up. How to convince and ask no longer know. Advise


The force of action is equal to the force of opposition.

The harder you pull on your husband, the stronger his mother holds him.

Realize it!

He is torn between love for you and mom.

You must show respect to his mother, she was already there, where you came.

Unable to control other people.

A husband is a separate person.

Let him go and you will see how he begins to reach out to you. Show him what the other person’s respect for him is. When he is loved simply for what he is and he will distance himself from his mother and be with you.


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