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Why Steam does not start?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
March 10, 2015
Why Steam does not start?

Steam service is one of the most popular among gamers. Everyone can download a variety of games. Many of them are free, although most are published for a fee. In addition, Steam is a real social network for players. However, sometimes many users have problems that prevent them from logging into Steam. What are the roots of the problems, as well as how to solve them, we will look at this article. Mainly it will be devoted to answering the question - why does Steam not start?

About what Steam is in the article What is steam.

Problems running Steam

So, let's try to figure it out.

  • The reason which can be called the main one is the inconsistency of system requirements. The fact is that Steam, like any software, has its own requirements. A user who has decided to use the Steam application to visit this service may have a computer that simply does not meet these system requirements.The minimum Steam system requirements are as follows: 512 RAM (RAM), a processor with a capacity of more than 1GHz, an operating system no older than Windows XP.
  • Another reason may be interference in the service. Usually the cause of interference is a program or several programs that have a supporting role when launching the Steam application. Usually they are called Steam.exe, Steamwebhelper.exe. You can find them in the task manager. Complete all these processes and restart the application.
  • Also, the reason may lie in the collection of work with root files. To solve this problem, you need to go to the "local drive C" => "program files x86" => "Steam". Select the two files tier0_s64.dll and tier0_s.dll and delete them.

Also, users often encounter an error like this: "Steam.exe (main exception): timeout expired". In this case, you will need to use the command line.

To do this, go to the "Start" menu and select "Run." Enter in the opened window "msconfig". Before you open a new window in which you need to select "Selective Start" and put a tick in front of the item "Load startup items." After that, you need to go to the "Services" tab and select the item "Do not display microsoft services". Now restart the computer and try using the application again.


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