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Why are the streets so named?

Each person, sooner or later, wonders: why are the streets named, and, from where, the word “street” got its name. Meaning of the word "street": it is a square, a passage, a strip, a passage, a gap between houses.

Meaning of words

Every person who asks this question comes up with an answer - the street is called a street, therefore, as it is with the “face” of the house. Extremely believable, but absolutely, the wrong explanation. The etymology of the word "street" comes from the Orthodox "ula" (square, passage), many Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian words are derived from this word.

And yet, in fact, there is a “side street”, in common parlance “side street” is a small street, it is a cross connection of two large independent parallel streets connecting the large streets, or a passage between two streets.

Avenue - it differs from the street in width, straight, long street in big cities. In the countries of the former USSR, the classic avenue is the main street, and is surrounded by lots of greenery on both sides. On the avenue, as a rule, there are administrative buildings of the city, large shops, entertainment.Also, the avenue can be a junction of residential areas, large microdistricts with the central part of the city.

Basic principles of the type of geonym:

  • A highway is a road linking areas leading from the city.
  • The avenue is a wide street, divided by identifying signs, into several carriageways.
  • An alley or passage is most often found in the private sector of a city, or industrial zones.
  • Boulevard - highways that are found inside the neighborhoods, fenced by green spaces.

Origin of street names

All topographic changes in the map of the city occur according to the decision of the city council, or city council, a special toponymic commission deals with the changes, often local officials participate in the commission. In many countries of the post-Soviet space, an interdepartmental commission is being created, which includes designers, architects, historians, geographers, philologists, and even writers. The general collection of this commission occurs as needed, approximately once every three to four months.

As a rule, the decision to assign a street name is made by local governments.To make their proposal about the name of the street, any natural and legal persons have the right to contact the administration of the city in which the street in question is located.

When considering names for a new street, recently built, or autonomously separated, for example, the profession of most people living on this street (Stroiteley Street, Factory Street), or its location, relative to a part of the city (Vokzalnaya, Central) is taken into account. And, if there are a lot of beautiful chestnuts on the street, it can be called Kashtanova Street, and if there is a beautiful park, the street will become Parkovaya. If a famous person ever lived on this street, the street will certainly bear his name.

Popular streets and their number:

  • st. Central - 22166;
  • st. Youth - 16623;
  • st. School - 15042;
  • st. Forest - 13703;
  • st. Sovetskaya - 13053;

In the countries of the former USSR, very often, the old street names change. For the most part, this is due to the change of power - with the advent of the new power, there is a massive change of street names.

People’s opinion about why the streets are so named, and whether or not they should be renamed, divided, some say let them rename, why not, and some protest, and say there’s no need to change the age-old name history.In Ukraine, there were mass protests against the renaming of streets in honor of Makhno, Petlyura, Bandera.

The rules of the Russian language oblige the spelling of the names of roads, streets, lanes, capitalized, if the name contains several words, all of them, except for the official parts of speech, are capitalized (Novy Arbat Street).

The type of the object is written before the name when there is a noun in the name (Stroiteley Avenue).

The type of object is written after the name, when only adjectives are in the name (Green Street).

If each of us will not wonder why the streets are so named, and will not take part in their renaming, we will still live on Curves, Bolotnykh and Ivanov. Only from us, it depends on how good and beautiful our city will be, and to what extent, the names of its streets will be harmonious.


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