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Why does the torrent not shake?

December 7, 2012
Why does the torrent not shake?

Article material will be useful to many. He will talk about the use of an extensive service for the exchange of information on the Internet, in other words, about using a torrent. Everything does not always go smoothly when you are trying to download something, so it is important to understand why the torrent does not download, that is, to identify specific possible causes and work with them already, and not torture poor files.

Do not download torrent: reasons

Three main ones:

  1. Failure of your internet provider;
  2. Lack of seeders (these are distributors);
  3. Incorrect settings of the operating system and the program itself.

Now we will consistently understand why the torrent does not download in one way or another, and how to fix it.

Internet failure

This is probably an indirect reason, but it also has a place to be. Just call the technical support of your provider and find out what's wrong. Feel free to ask why you can not download the torrent, help you - their work. Even if the problem is not on their part (that is, there is no failure on the Internet), smart people may be able to help you solve the problem.

Lack of seed

By the way, you can be enlightened in the open spaces of our site and learn more about the sids in the article: “What are the sidas?”.

So, we continue the topic. All files, according to the torrent protocol, are stored on the computers of specific users (they are seeded), and not on the torrent tracker server. Therefore, the absence of the user in the network does not allow downloading his files. Exit: wait for the corresponding seed to appear on the network and give access for downloading.

Incorrect program settings

If the Internet is okay, they are in place, but for some reason the torrent does not download, then the reason may be in the erroneous settings of the program itself. Let's touch on this topic a bit.

  • Go to the torrent settings (window "Settings"). And follow the recommendations step by step.
  • In the Settings window on the left, go to the "General" section. We find the lines: “auto-check of associations”, “autorun uTorrent”, “allocate space at once” - we tick all the boxes.
  • Again, the section on the left is "Connections." Here, the checkboxes are just opposite the lines: “enable firewall”, “redirect UPnP”, “redirect NAT-PMP”. All other ticks are removed. On the right is the top corner - “Generate” with a value of 60386.We are looking for the same type of proxy server, choose "no."
  • Section "Speed". We put on zeros "for distributions" and "for downloads". "Maximum number of connections" = 1000; maximum peers = 70; recoil slots = 50. And put a checkbox "Additional recoil slots."
  • Section "Bit Torrent". Unchecks “ogran. soon local peers ", in the remaining windows are ticked.

These are the main reasons why the torrent does not download.


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