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Why is there no water?

The lack of hot or cold water in the house causes a lot of inconvenience. And if with the disconnection of hot water in the summer period, many have already accepted and stoically survive this time, heating the water in the basins and kettles, then the complete lack of water will confuse anyone. To complain? Where to call? In this article we will try to figure out why there is no water in the faucet and what to do in such a situation.

Water supply system

To understand the reasons, it is necessary to clearly understand the water supply system. Let's take a step-by-step look at the path from the well to the water faucet in your kitchen or bathroom and find out what kind of breakdowns and problems can occur at each stage.

  • Water for the city’s central water supply is drawn from water intakes. With the help of a pump, it is fed from deep wells into special tanks, from which then, with the help of other pumps, water enters the city water supply system. The whole city can be left without water if these pumps are turned off. This often happens if a water utility has a large debt on electricity payments.In this case, pumping stations can de-energize.
  • The urban water supply network consists of several compartments, looped together. When an accident occurs in a certain area, the water supply to the rest of the chain does not stop. Shutting off water at a particular site may also be associated with repairs.
  • On the way to each individual house, the water moves through the pipes, bypassing the many dampers. In order for residents of multi-storey buildings to also receive water to the upper floors, special pumps or automated pressure boosting systems are used. Breakdown of any of these water supply components will result in cessation of water supply to the entire house. In the event that a pump breaks down, the water supply is usually maintained within the 3 lower floors.
  • At the entrance of the water pipe in each single house is a valve that regulates the amount of water supply. Further, the water is distributed through horizontal pipes, from which the risers run off in apartment buildings - vertical pipes for supplying water to the apartments on the upper floors. Each riser also has a special valve.As a rule, it is located in the lower apartment. Residents of this apartment sometimes unknowingly block it, thereby depriving the water not only of themselves, but also of the inhabitants of the upper floors. Breakdowns at this stage fall under the responsibility of the local housing department. If we are talking about a cooperative, then all the concerns for the repair and maintenance of water communications lie on the residents themselves.

If there is no water in your apartment, then, as a rule, this is connected either with an accident at one of the sites, or with a planned shutdown of water at a particular site for repair. If the pipes are changed only in your house, then a few days before the start of repair work, the local housing department or the HOA will post the corresponding announcement. If you have not received any announcements or notifications, but there is no water in the house, you will first need to call the local housing and utility department and report the problem. If they are unable to establish and eliminate the reason for the lack of water, they will need to call the city water utility. Contact information can be found in the phone directories and found on the Internet. For Moscow, for example, this will be relevant.


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