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Why tinnitus appears

There are many reasons for the appearance of extraneous sounds in the ears. This is a pathological condition, when noise appears without external stimuli (construction work, loud music, etc.), you should not delay visiting a doctor.

1. Tinnitus can appear after the flu or cold, it is considered a complication of the disease.

2. Acceptance of certain drugs, especially anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics.

3. Loud or harsh music, sudden claps, the noise of an aircraft or vehicles, a shot, etc.

4. Tinnitus often accompanies migraines.

5. Damage and swelling of the auditory nerve, damage to the eardrum, inflammation of the middle or inner ear.

6. Atherosclerosis of the blood vessels or diseases of the circulatory system.

7. Sulfur plugs or foreign body in the ears.

8. Older age.

9. Unstable emotional state, strong feelings or a protracted stressful situation.

10. Water trapped in the ear canal during water procedures.

eleven.Backache or sharply increasing tinnitus indicates inflammation inside the ear.

12. Metal ringing indicates the presence of osteochondrosis.

13. Traumatic brain injury is accompanied by whistling or squeaking sounds in the ears.

14. Continuing ripple indicates problems with the vessels.

Even knowing the cause of extraneous sounds in the ears, you should not self-medicate, often it can only harm.


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