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Wooden arch

An interesting decorative element that can decorate any home are arches. Thanks to them, the interior of the room becomes not just interesting, but somehow very noble. There are many options for materials that are suitable for creating such structures. Among them, brick, foam blocks, plasterboard, etc. But wooden arches are the most successful combination of quality, cost and complexity of the device. For the construction of such structures, glued boards or blocks are used. They are multifunctional, so they can be used for a large number of tasks, including the erection of arches. The main advantage of wooden arches is that they have special locks that allow rigid connection of elements into one design. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the assembly procedure. When creating an arch from a tree, it is not necessary to create additional puffs. This means that structural thrusts direct all their weight directly to the base, which is under them. There are other options for arch device.For example, its vaults can be cut directly from solid wood. But this method can not be called simple, because the trunk can break at any time, both during processing and after creating the arch. This means that the design will not work strong and durable. An interesting way is the combination of different types of wood materials. In this case, the basis is taken the bars, which are simply glued veneer with a convex surface facing outwards. Get a kind of "veneered arch." Although this option seems quite practical, its implementation is too complicated. Only owners of dwellings who are used to painstaking and long-term work should undertake such a procedure.

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