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Wooden pallets for cups in the form of pallets

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Things made from industrial pallets are very popular - it's cheap and cheerful. But I do not have old pallets, and there is no place to store them, so today we will make these miniature cups in the form of pallets.

How to make wooden stands?

This is a very simple and interesting project for which you will not need any special specialized skills. All we need is a few wooden planks (square and rectangular) and PVA glue.

As the basis for the pallet - we will use 5 square fee of one length. On top of them, we gently glue rectangular strips, as shown in the photos below.Do not overdo it with glue, as it leaves stains on the tree, just one drop is enough for each stick.

Voila! Stands can be left in its natural form. If you want to protect them from moisture - you can varnish it.


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