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Work on the field - how to optimize?

Perhaps someone understands this issue. There is a field with an area of ​​more than 20 hectares. We grow crops on it, then we sell. Manages all the father, his processes are satisfied. But I recently began to wonder whether it is possible to somehow improve the efficiency of work? I heard about the systems that allow you to work at night. What is it, is it really such a useful thing and where is it for sale?
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Answered on May 7, 17:28
I personally did not come across this, but I went to see my relatives - they have a farm near the village, so there are some special navigators on the equipment installed so that the screen can see the process of field processing.
Answered on May 7, 17:43
Yes, I also heard that now there are a lot of tools that allow you to save fertilizers and seeds, to fully cultivate areas, to work both at night and in fog. But, I think, you must first get a full consultation of a specialist, decide which instrument you need - a navigator, an autopilot, or something else, and then buy it.Here, for example, you can see the range and consult
Answered on May 7, 17:50
I know that there are GPS navigators for more accurate work of agricultural equipment - they make life so great. But about the fact that it is possible to work with them at night - I was not interested. My uncle has an agrofirm in the Kherson region, you have to ask.

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