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"Jenny" or "Laurel": users can not hear the name on the audio

To resolve the dispute, many publications even turned to specialists to explain what the secret of illusion is. Neuroscientists came to the conclusion that the whole difference is in the perception of the sound frequencies: on the higher we hear the name "Laurel", and on the low ones - "Jenny". It is also possible that all of us were specially fooled: they complicated our perception, artificially raising the high frequencies of the "i" and "n" sounds. Phonetics experts have suggested that on the original file, the voice intentionally pronounces something between the two names to create confusion. A video has even appeared on YouTube that explains how this auditory deception was done. But users do not want to believe in it, they continue to argue, as in 2015 they tried to prove their rightness by guessing the color of the "same dress".


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